Refacing cabinets saves money and time and transforms your kitchen view from bland to brilliant.

Are you looking forward to facelifting your Cabinet? There are a lot of renovation solutions to choose from. Consider refacing your Cabinet if you need more resources and time and want a fantastic renovation.

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Refacing is a renovation option that allows you to retain the "bones" of your cabinetry while replacing the drawer front, handle, hardware, and other accessories. Find well-skilled and experienced Furniture technicians who partner with various manufacturers and customs to give you the most style options.

Cabinet refinishing Esocndido recommended an affordable Cabinet Refacing Process.

Cabinet refacing provides a simple way to revitalize the Cabinet and get the exact look you want. Below is a step-by-step guide to how Cabinet refacing:

Label Or Assign Number 

Determining which door goes with which opening is One of the biggest problems homeowners face when reinstalling cabinet doors. Many doors vary to ¼ inch, although they might appear to be the same size, label each cabinet door front with corresponding numbers marked on painter's tape to avoid confusion. Don't forget to remove the labels before spraying the cabinet door with paint and primer, reinstall them when they are dry and prepared.

Fill the Holes

When planning for new hardware for your cabinets, it is possible to find existing hardware holes lining up with new screws. It is recommended you fill each hole with wood putty from back to front.

  • Lightly Sand Surfaces

During the Cabinet, the refacing process of sanding is important for many reasons. It removes any protective sealant or existing sheen from the cabinet door and drawer fronts, letting paint and primer bond effectively to the cabinet surface. After application to areas prepped with wood putty or fillers, it removes any scratches, nicks or dings.  

  • Install Hardware

Hardware size and scale installation is a great way to add designer flair to cabinets. Think about various sizes of drawer pulls and doors. 3 inches width Here are pulls used on the door fronts, with 7 inches wide drawer pulls. They are then Paired with small Cabinet pulls.

  • Add Felt Door Dampers

 Protecting the backs of newly painted door fronts from the casing surrounding them is very important. With time, opening and closing your cabinet doors may damage their paint. You can protect both doors and casing by adding felt pads to each door.

  • Beautify With Beadboard

Beautify your work by dressing up a plain cabinet front or boring kitchen island with a beadboard. Modern and advanced paneling has been used for years to add interest and texture to plain surfaces. It is known to be the perfect way to rethink old.

  • Add Glass Door Inserts

Refacing your cabinets costs you less (80% less) than replacing them. Also, it is a simple project you can do yourself without losing the use of your kitchen layout.

Prons of Cabinet refinishing 

Save Money 

You don't have to waste your money if your cabinet structure is still in good shape. Instead, recreate them. Save a couple of thousand dollars and achieve a modern cabinet structure for less than half the price of a new one.

Save Time 

Instead of taking a couple of months to replace a full cabinet, Refinishing has a little time frame. It takes only a few days to complete most of the refacing projects.  

Save The Environment

In the past few years, furniture waste has become a disturbing trend. More than 9 million tons of metal, fabric, wood, glass, foam and leather waste are in landfills. People tend to throw out their outdated functional cabinets, not knowing they can opt to reface them. This heavy waste has a great impact on the environment.

Quicker Turnaround 

Compared to replacing cabinets, Refacing cabinets has the quickest turnaround time. You can have a new kitchen and give your cabinet team a focus on the door and the hinges. All can be done in less than a week.

Other Cabinet Services from cabinet refacing Fallbrook CA including cabinet transformation services, covers much more than just Cabinet refacing. These are the various ways the experienced team and expert technicians can handle your Cabinet's new life.